Vocal Coaching
Whether you are a professional or aspirant or even bruised singer I offer vocal coaching to all who are interested in learning to use the voice to its full potential. Combining my experience from theatre, concert performances as well as “life coaching” I use a variety of techniques especially suited for your situation and needs.
I work from our home in Falun.
Call me at 0760 381471 and talk to me about how you want to develop your own vocal skills!
If you are more interested to work with your voice within the framework of a small group maybe the “FriGörAnde Röst-workshop” would be the right forum for you?
This is what one of Jennifer’s students shared:
Working with voice and expression with Jennifer is a unique experience involving all of me. When working with one of my songs with Swedish lyrics Jennifer immediately picked up the underlying dramaturgy of the song and gave useful tools for me to carry on working with the vocal expression and the musical structure in order to optimally convey the song’s message.
I want to warmly recommend Jennifer’s vocal coaching.      Lisa Henkow
Some Background

Medicine Music

Over the years of work on myself and with others, I have refined a model of integrative vocal /body/mind release-techniques,which incorporate the energy-based flow of breath, body posture and heart-centred visualisation.

To access deep-rooted blockages, I will often use the Metamorphoses Massage Technique, also as a means for release and relaxation.

I have been inspired into the use of vocal toning and over-toning both from within the Tibetan and African-based traditions, as well as the power-calling or ”kulning” voice- extension that probably emanated from both the hunter-gatherer and pastoral cultures especially located in the mountains and valleys of Dalarna, Sweden. The sound-current inherent in these ancient practices opens for the expressive and meditative experience contained within the conscious use of voice. The overall outcome is the healed voice, the healed-self. Western-based scientific research is only now beginning to acknowledge the vast terrain of healing possibilities within the modality of sound.

I work in group-constellations and with individuals. I have worked with burnt-out professional singers, damaged voices, aspirant singers and bruised-non-singers. I have worked in sessions where there is mostly silence, and in sessions of uninhibited joy. Every encounter is unique. Every session memorable.

In the choral collective expression of song, I continue to be amazed at the transformative power inherent in South African Freedom Songs. When sung in the northern hemisphere, they become conduits for liberation not only of ourselves- our voices -our bodies, but also for a profound and visceral consolation in our sense of separateness, alienation or ångst, so common in these parts. These songs of freedom mend our ego-fractured, struggling selves into a seamless Being-In-Song: a joyful re-alignment of the fragmented parts sewn back into The One Heart.

I have found on these paths toward freeing ourselves through our voices, the subtle effects of integrating various asanas/ yoga postures; mudras/ hand postures; mantras and sound tones from various Yoga schools. Often we explore our ‘sound-selves’ in the singing of devotional songs from various spiritual traditions into the sound world.

This sound-song journey has further been enhanced with the inclusion of circle dances from both the Universal Sacred Dances for Peace, and the Heart-Songs from Mundekulla. These circles have proved to be particularly powerful in generating a sense of connectedness and joy.